Open Source Projects At CloudTruth we benefit greatly from open source projects. A core commitment of ours is to give back to the community when we create projects we know others will benefit from.

Github Projects

Our CTO Matt Conway created Atmos and AWS-Bastion to make our life easier and we hope you find them as useful as we do.


Atmos enhances Terraform on AWS.

Breathe easier with Atmos + Terraform. Cloud system architectures made easy.

Atmos provides a layer of organization on top of terraform for creating cloud system architectures with Amazon Web Services. It handles the plumbing so you can focus on your application. The core Atmos runtime is free and open-source, with a business friendly license (Apache). It provides basic recipes to help get you going with a service oriented architecture implemented with AWS Elastic Container Services.

View the screencast for a detailed walkthrough (~1 hour) of the quickstart. Or try the condensed screencast if you just want to take a quick look (~7m)



A docker container which provides ssh/vpn by using AWS IAM groups to control which IAM users can ssh in using the ssh public key stored for those users in IAM (only they have the private key).

This lets one control ssh/vpn access to a VPC without having to deal with credentials – just put users in the right IAM group to enable them to ssh in, and remove them from the group to disable them, and they have full control over the ssh keypair for authentication

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