Manage your secrets with a unified secure vault

Centrally access and audit passwords, API keys, certificates, and other sensitive data for all infrastructure and applications

Integrate with existing secret stores, Terraform and GitHub Actions

Input Integrations

Output Integrations


One API, CLI & GUI to access all parameters & secrets

A unified view across all secrets

Integrate with existing secret stores

Ensure secret changes sync between infrastructure and applications

Team-wide visibility into current and previous values

secrets compare

Compare differences across multiple environments

Quickly find differences between environments and solve problems faster

Secret life cycle management and versioning

Pin to “latest” version

Track changes with a centralized audit log

Quickly identify who and when a change was made

Implement Principle of Least Privilege with RBAC

secrets history
secrets centralized audit log

Centrally manage Kubernetes Secrets

Open source Kubernetes operator syncs with K8 secrets

One secrets source of truth for all projects and environments

Manage Terraform secrets across multiple environments

A better way to manage .TFVars files for all environments

Keep your configurations DRY

secrets env tree

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