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The Benefits of Moving Beyond Cloud Configuration Defaults

You’re unlikely to get the full value out of a tool if you stick with default configurations, and a poorly configured system can sometimes leave you even worse off than before you had the tool in the first place. That’s why it’s vital for the modern cloud customer to move beyond default settings with a well-managed, custom configuration solution.


3 Reasons Modern Companies Are Investing in Cloud Visibility

According to a recent report from Deloitte, almost 50% of medium to large-sized companies say that their cloud-based infrastructure is more complex than they expected. It’s easy to get caught off guard since these tools and services are meant to improve efficiency — but thanks to all that additional complexity, a lack of proper configuration and monitoring can make it difficult or even impossible to reap the benefits.


Top Challenges For Cloud Services Customers

Cloud customers must be prepared to tackle a variety of challenges as they incorporate new cloud services into their operations and product offerings. From product reliability and security issues to excess costs and management issues, these tools can lead to real problems that must be addressed.


Cognitive Load and Configuration Management

Configuration management can start out simple, but in the end, becomes much harder than it needs to be. Getting this right is important. The challenge is to get it right without spending all your cognitive load in this area.

Taming Cloud Complexity Graphic 2

The Rationale Behind CloudTruth: Taming Your Cloud Complexity

If you treat decentralized components like strongly abstracted functions, you can build a centralized system for managing the inputs and outputs for those functions. Such a system would offer the coordination benefits of centralization while preserving components’ decoupled nature (since individual teams would only have to worry about defining the configuration signatures of their specific components). In a nutshell, that’s what CloudTruth provides. 

Containers & Cloud Portability

Containers and Cloud Portability – Is There a Downside?

Containers and Cloud Portability – Is There a Downside? The need for untethered speed, workload flexibility, and multi-cloud portability drive this pivot toward packaged application solutions.

day one to day zero

How CloudTruth Got Started – From Day Zero to Day One.

Two friends have a hunch there’s a problem to solve in cloud configuration management. Diligent customer-validated research reveals the problem is bigger than imagined.Raised a VC-backed pre-seed round and now have an MVP and a grand vision.

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