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CloudTruth’s Newest Board Member Derek Schoettle

Welcome Derek Schoettle to CloudTruth’s Board of Directors. Derek is a market veteran who will help CloudTruth define and execute its strategic vision and provide market insights based on his more than 20 years of industry experience scaling hyper-growth tech companies. 

CloudTruth Appoints Derek Schoettle to Board

CloudTruth appoints tech leader Derek Schoettle to the board of directors. Derek brings over 20 years of strategy and execution experience.

CloudTruth Raises $5.25 Million To Solve Cloud Configuration Issues For Software Developers And CloudOps Teams

CloudTruth, a unified configuration management company, announced today it has raised $5.25 million in seed funding led by Glasswing Ventures and Gutbrain Ventures, with additional funding from Stage 1 Ventures and York IE.

The Seed Series will be used to further develop the company’s disruptive offering which helps software developers and CloudOps teams increase uptime, improve security, and eliminate cloud configuration risks resulting from decentralized and distributed deployment and settings.

CloudTruth Founding Story: Find the Problem, Find the Solution

With my background as a CTO, I experienced the pain of configuration sprawl first-hand and led teams that built their own internal tools to address this challenge.

Using our own experiences as a backboard, Matt and I set out to provide a true “single record of cloud truth” to help DevOps teams.

We are announcing funding today that will allow us to bring this much-needed solution to market!

Cloud Customers Face More Complexity Than Ever

To make the most of your cloud systems, it’s important to go in with open eyes and be aware of the various potential sources of complexity that come along with these new tools and services. Below, we provide an overview of some of the main ways in which cloud configuration tools can create new dimensions of complexity for you and your organization.

Decoupling Your Cloud Systems Can Reduce Complexity — But At What Cost?

what can you do to address rising complexity without falling prey to these coordination challenges? One solution is to utilize a configuration intelligence service that gives you the best of both worlds: a simple system that still provides centralized control over key configurations wherever and whenever you need to access them.

It’s time for a Cloud Configuration Intelligence System

CloudTruth is powerful not just because it supports real-time configuration monitoring and updating, but also because it provides insights into your entire system that can add future value. With visibility into system-wide configuration changes over time, teams can develop accurate forensics to determine and resolve the root cause of issues when they occur. 

To Find Product-Market Fit, Start at 30,000 Feet — But Don’t End There

product-market fit is managing the transition from a 30,000 foot view — that is, a broad, high-level understanding of a potential opportunity — to granular, actionable product feedback

Don’t Let False Positives Undermine Your Product-Market Fit

This is the sixth post of seven – “The CloudTruth Journey to Product-Market Fit” series. One of the most challenging — and critical — components of any startup’s journey is the identification of product-market fit: That is, the precise market niche and product offering that your team is best suited to provide. And one of the biggest reasons that this is…

Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Product-Market Fit Interviews

This is the fifth post of seven – “The CloudTruth Journey to Product-Market Fit” series. Much has been written about the importance of finding product-market fit. In general, the way to do this is to talk to people who fall into your potential target market and identify their needs and pain points. But what’s the most effective way to conduct these…

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