CloudTruth is a configuration data hub for centralizing access to all your parameters, templates, environment variables and secrets across infrastructure and applications.

Leverage CloudTruth’s API, CLI and web applications to easily reference and manage all your config data. Improve management of all of your parameters, templates, environments, and secrets, while enhancing your existing tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Vault and AWS Parameter Store all from one unified platform.

Maintain Consistency Across Your Cloud Implementation

Unify Your Parameter Store

Gain a centralized view of your configuration without replacing tools or disrupting your current environment.

  • Organize, search and modify all the parameters that control your system

  • Separate configuration parameters and secrets from containerized environments

  • Track changes in a single location

Ensure Consistency With Enhanced Support For Multiple Environments

Maintain distinct configurations across different environments (Dev, Staging, Production, Cloud Region)

  • Define your unique hierarchy of environments

  • Avoid configuration repetition with custom inheritance rules

  • Compare parameter values across environments

Replace Static Configuration With Dynamic Templates

Render templates on-demand, populated with values tailored for each specific environment

  • Leverage templates as configuration files in CI, or at runtime

  • Support for defaults, inheritance and overrides across environments

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