Sync your parameters, secrets, and ENV variables.

Team-wide access, version history, and a single API, CLI, and GUI to reference all your config data from tools such as Terraform secrets, GitHub, AWS Secrets Manager, and many others.

One source to configure any application

Template engine generates environment specific configuration files

Works with existing pipeline

  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Terraform, CloudFormation
  • Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions

Access via API, CLI, or GUI

MultiEnv-Partial copy

Manage configuration across multiple environments

Define parameters once

Set values per environment

Inherit default values from parent environment

Access all your configuration data in one place

Federate data from existing sources

  • Terraform secrets and parameters
  • AWS S3, Secrets Manager, Parameter Store
  • Github

Native CloudTruth parameter and secret stores

Coming soon


Compare configuration across environments

Automatically identify differences

Including values from external data sources

Rollback to a previous version

Selected Use Cases

Kubernetes Configuration Management

Automatically create and update ConfigMaps and Secrets.

Terraform / IaC

Manage inputs to IaC tools and automatically apply outputs.

Secrets Management

Securely track secrets such as passwords, SSH keys, and certificates.

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