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cloudtruth bitbucket pipelines environment variables

Manage BitBucket Pipelines environment variables

Managing BitBucket Pipelines for multiple environments is hard.

Learn how CloudTruth accelerates deployment velocity for all your projects across all environments.

CloudTruth GitLab Pipeline Integration for multiple environments

GitLab CI/CD pipeline integration for multiple environments

CloudTruth’s GitLab CI/CD Pipeline integration makes it easy to manage environment specific configuration files without the need for multiple repos or copy/pasting YAML.

Managing secrets CloudTruth Argo CD plugin

Managing secrets with the CloudTruth Argo CD Plugin

Learn how to securely manage secrets and config data within Argo CD app deploys using the CloudTruth Argo CD plugin.

protect secrets in github actions

Protect External Secrets in GitHub Actions

With a single GitHub action, you can securely access any secret defined in any system across your org right within a GitHub Actions workflow.

Learn how CloudTruth protects external secrets in GitHub Actions workflows to avoid security breaches and leaking secrets into activity logs.

feature focus import actions

Feature Focus – Import Actions

Import parameters and secure strings from AWS Parameter store (SSM) to provide you with intelligent management and insights on your SSM data.


Feature Focus – Audit Trail

CloudTruth’s unified configuration as a service platform includes a built-in system-wide audit trail to track all activity for compliance and internal investigations.

Learn why auditing is not the same as logging.


Feature Focus – Push Actions

Sync parameters and secrets to AWS from a centralized source with the advantages of a configuration as a service platform.

Mask Secrets in Jenkins

How to mask secrets in Jenkins with the Mask Password plugin

This post walks through how to mask secrets in a Jenkins pipeline using the Mask Passwords plugin and avoids exposure in Blue Ocean.

Untested Code is Broken Code

Untested code is broken code

Mike Stack, principal engineer, shares how he came to embrace ‘untested code is broken code’ and how it impacts his work at CloudTruth.

Managing Terraform workspaces

Managing Terraform Workspaces

You have already been using a Terraform workspace with the CLI you just may not know it yet! Every directory creates a default workspace when a terraform init is run. We are going to show you how to create and manage Terraform CLI workspaces as well as when to use multiple workspaces. Use cases for…

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