How often does a change to a configuration file cause a production outage?

By Greg Arnette

What causes production application outages? Or better yet, WHO causes production outages? If you follow enough thought leaders on Twitter, you might hear about things like “Contributing Factors” or “Root Causes.” Although the latter has definitely fallen out of favor as a way of describing the cause of production outages. Outages are too complicated for…


The Benefits of Moving Beyond Cloud Configuration Defaults

By Greg Arnette

The modern SaaS landscape can be pretty intimidating. Between API services, cloud hosting providers, third-party authentication tools, and more, today’s cloud customer has a lot on their plate. And it’s not just a matter of determining which of the many available cloud tools to use. Once a new tool is incorporated, it must be configured…

cloud visibility

3 Reasons Modern Companies Are Investing in Cloud Visibility

By Greg Arnette

With a combined 40+ years of building and running large-scale cloud services, the CloudTruth team has talked with hundreds of technology professionals ranging from C-level executives in IT, security, and R&D to DevOps, SecOps, and QA leaders in every industry. From these conversations and our own personal experience, we’ve seen time and time again that…


Top Challenges For Cloud Services Customers

By Greg Arnette

As companies invest in new SaaS and API tools to improve efficiency and cut development time, they often find themselves unprepared for the host of challenges that come along with implementing a complex, cloud-based tech stack. Tools that used to run independently become entangled. Product issues become harder to identify and resolve. Siloed teams struggle…

cognitive load

Cognitive Load and Configuration Management

By Jim Cuff

This is targeted at the builders of the world – those that find deep satisfaction in delivering value and making a difference through the delivery of working software/technology to real people. First, let’s talk about empowered teams – it sounds like a good idea because it is a good idea: the team is made up…

cloud complexity

The Rationale Behind CloudTruth: Taming Your Cloud Complexity

By Matt Conway

As an organization scales, its products mature, and its operations expand in scope, it’s inevitable that complexity levels will increase exponentially. Many companies attempt to address this complexity by decoupling systems, but that can often create new problems. Specifically, decentralization can have a major impact on your ability to coordinate cloud configuration effectively, because static,…

Containers and Cloud Portability – Is There a Downside?

By Greg Arnette

CIO Magazine recently identified container-focused strategies as one of the top 5 cloud trends for 2020. App development services, including container services like Kubernetes, are forecast to become the preferred app development platform, according to Forrester’s public cloud market outlook, 2019 to 2022. The need for untethered speed, workload flexibility, and multi-cloud portability are driving…

CloudTruth Founding Story – From Day Zero to Day One

By Greg Arnette

This is the story about how CloudTruth got started and what we’re working on. Part 1: Day Zero TL;DR 2 friends have a hunch there’s a problem to solve in cloud configuration management. Diligent customer-validated research reveals the problem is bigger than imagined. Raised a VC-backed seed round and now have an MVP and a…