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Why Your Testing and Escalations Teams Need Configuration Management Tools

There are two areas that can benefit significantly from better configuration management tooling: testing and escalation management.

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CloudTruth 2020 in Review

The CloudTruth founding team wanted to ensure that the customer’s voice was brought into planning as early as possible. We needed to avoid a “lessons learned” example from other DevOps tools startups that relied too much on their gut instinct as a proxy for direct customer engagement and feedback. We were committed to a different approach by starting the product-market fit process with extensive surveys to ensure we could not react to a “false positive” – meaning we think we’re creating something useful. Still, customers wouldn’t step up to the plate to purchase. 

A Small Pivot

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Using CloudTruth to Enable Comprehensive Visibility Into Key Configurations

From day one, the CloudTruth team has been passionate about helping companies monitor and configure their cloud infrastructure and application configurations. As the cloud ecosystem has grown more complex, a variety of products and services have sprung up aimed at helping cloud customers manage these systems.

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3 Reasons Modern Enterprises Are Investing in Cloud

According to recent reports, over 90% of global enterprises have embraced a multi-cloud strategy for their business. All around the world, companies of all sizes and in every industry are reaping the benefits of new cloud-based tools and services. And while every application is different, there are a few key reasons that all of these…

Visibility Cloud Configurations

Why IT, Ops, and QA Need Visibility Into Cloud Configurations

Maintaining visibility into your company’s cloud-based systems is more important than ever. As you integrate new cloud services into every part of your product and operations, it’s easy for the benefits of improved efficiency to come at the cost of potentially overwhelming system complexity. To keep that complexity from spiraling out of control, modern cloud…


As Companies Shift to Remote Work, Cloud Management Is More Important than Ever

According to recent polls, at least two thirds of American employees have shifted to working remotely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. While limited remote work is hardly a new concept, this large-scale shift has created a whole host of unprecedented challenges for many companies. From building out remote onboarding processes, to mitigating security…

Visibility Cloud Infrastructure

Three Ways to Improve Visibility Into Your Cloud Infrastructure

As the cloud-based tech stack grows ever more complex, many companies struggle to maintain adequate visibility into all of their subsystems. And that visibility isn’t just a nice-to-have. Without effective oversight, you’re likely to end up with inefficiency, excess costs, and reliability issues throughout your product and operations. What can the modern cloud customer do…


Ensuring Reliability When Implementing Customized Cloud Solutions

To reap the benefits of customization without sacrificing reliability, you need a third-party configuration management tool to help you monitor and adjust your custom settings.


Cloud Systems Are Evolving. Here’s What You Need to Do to Keep Up.

While many of us think of cloud computing as a modern, cutting-edge technology, it in fact has its roots in systems built back in the 1950s. In the early years of computers, processing power was extremely expensive. Most people couldn’t afford their own machines, and so companies would purchase one or two of these room-sized…

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Three Ways Your Organization Needs to Adapt to Survive the Cloud Era

Cloud systems are more prevalent — and more complex — than ever before. According to one recent study, 96% of all businesses are now using some form of cloud-based technology. From cloud hosting on platforms like AWS and Google Cloud to API tools and SaaS-based user authentication services like Auth0, companies are more reliant than…

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